Meet Some Of Our Financing Partners – Ivan & Raena from loanDepot

Architerra has partnered with our local mortgage team at loanDepot to help home buyers get into their dream home with great financing options and incentives. In fact, loanDepot is currently offering $5,000 to any buyer purchasing a newly built home through Architerra which does their financing through them. These funds can be used towards a temporary or permanent rate buydown, closing costs, or a combination of both. Another great thing about working with loanDepot is that they offer a lifetime guarantee and will cover origination and appraisal fees for any clients who refinance on an existing loan that was previously done through them. (Note***loan cannot be refinanced at any time in between with another lender to get this offer)

Two members of the Coeur d’Alene loanDepot team that you would work with when buying an Architerra home are Ivan and Raena Pinchuk, husband and wife. Fun fact: they live in an Architerra home in the Trails (which has three new listings this week). You can get to know more about them and loanDepot’s partnership with Architerra in the video below:

Contact Team Pinchuk here: