Maintaining Communities: Brandon Collins Presenting at IDCAI

Architerra’s HOA Manager, Brandon Collins, will be a featured speaker at the Idaho Chapter of Community Associations Institute on October 26th, 2022. Brandon runs HOAM – the Home Owners Association for all of Architerra’s communities. He is an experienced expert with 8+ years running high-end HOA’s for managed communities.

Part of the Architerra Advantage is our deliberate focus on community aesthetics and amenities – both in initial design and as lasting assets that enhance where our home-owners live. High-quality fencing, manicured common areas, trails and playgrounds – all must be properly cultivated as neighborhoods mature.

Brandon will present strategies on how to maintain and update these amenities. If you manage a HOA, his specific strategies, experience, and advice in this arena are invaluable and we are excited to see him get the opportunity to share on the topic!

You can learn more about attending the event here.